This page regroups the active modders of Yandere Simulator.

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Pikachuk Edit

LKvVo3-L 400x400

I'm Pikachuk, a young french modder (17 years old) i mainly create mods for yandere simulator, I can answer to some questions and sometimes i take requests but not always because i'm often really busy, i've created a lot of mods like :

Gravity mod :

Kingdom hearts mod :

Osana hair with lolipop mod :

I'm often on Youtube or Twitter, if you want to see more content from me you can visit them :

Youtube :

Twitter :

TaroSans01 Edit

Hi boys and girls,i am a Yan Sim brazilian modder,i am a very good MMD Importer and with Replacing Models.

Well i don't have very mods,i am a younger boy,and sorry some modders,some times i make so much questions,but...Nyeh!

If you have a question or some thing  i am here and in Yandere Simulator Fanon Wikia

This is my mods:

  • Thumb a01b1039-7f88-4762-a43b-cf9569432141
    Rivals Mod
  • Megami Saiko Mod

Upcoming Mods

  • Hatsune Mod
  • Youtubers Mod (Hatsune Elissu,Kubz Scouts,AzzMan,Yandere Dev)
  • Yandere Chan Mod
  • Undertale Musics Mod
  • Yuno Gasai Mod
  • Grim Reaper Mode Mod
  • Konddere Simulator (I am the creator,but i doing this mod with my best friend modder MadPie)

If you want to learn how to mod Yandere Simulator,see my YouTube Channel.

Youtube: (P.S:I am brazilian and all the videos are in portuguese,but don't worry,don't have voices,only music and if i write a bad english you know,i am a brazilian)

BaronLuke Productions Edit

Hello everyone: I´m BaronLuke, another YS modder. I´m expert making textures and programming.I take request ONLY if i have time and if it´s a mod that it doesnt take me too long to make.


  • New High School Mod
  • Yuno Gasai Easter Egg Mod
  • Student-kun Mod


  • Hiwata no Nadoko Mod
  • SNAP mode Mod

MadPie Edit

Hey guys, I'm MadPie, a brazilian modder! I don't take requests, I'm sorry!



  • Rivals Mod
  • Unity Pack Mod
  • Student-chan Mod
  • Tsundere Simulator


  • Konddere Simulator (with TaroSans01)
  • 1980s Mod (with Alex Creator and Bluecats)

Without Him Edit

Hello, friends! I am Without Him, also known as Katie. While I do not currently have any mods released, I am working on a few complex ones that I think a lot of people will enjoy. I take custom mod requests, so don't be afraid to ask!

Miss sonia

My Mods

Mods I'm Associated With

  • Hiwata no Nadoko Mod (Voice Acting, Coming Soon)


Pumpkinhero2 Edit

Me In Anime

Hello! I'm Pumpkinhero2 (you could call me Pumpkin) and I'm a JSON modder. I try my best to make my mods special! I don't know how to model swap sadly or change textures. I do make skins though! If you would like a skin just ask!

  • New Student Pack Mod
  • Old School Mod (Who knows what old version)
  • Crush Crush Mod (Old Version)



Hi, im SonrisitasParodyFans, Im from Mexico and JSON Modder however i know how to Modelswap (Thanks for MadPie), down here are my mods, if you want to download go to the Mods page (these will be added later).

Mods in ProgressEdit

  • SPF Mode V3
  • Popular Characters Mod V4
  • Boys Became Girls Mod V2
  • Yandere 2 V1 FUCK ME BITCH

Mods CancelledEdit

  • KawaiiHair Mod (Latest Ver: 1)
  • Ian Rookie Mod* (Latest Ver: 1.1)

NOTE: Im the real creator of the Ian Rookie Mod, the mod was requested by her and i give the credits to her but im the real creator


Light Yagami 3

Hi Guys, I'm Kira, I do mods for Yandere Simulator That Replaces Hair Meshes,Replace Music and I know how to edit JSON. I Make Textures and many more. I am a Death Note Fan and I'm Male. (if You didn't know that)